Different Technology Programs


Teachers can use blogs to publish assignments, resources, and keep students and even parents up to date on class events, due dates, and content being covered. Blogging allows students to master content, improve their writing skills, express themselves, exercise creativity, and comment on their classmates blog posts.

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips allow students to explore famous buildings or places that they otherwise may not have the opportunity to see, such as the Empire State Building and the Great Barrier Reef.


Flipsnack is a digital flip book maker that students can use to create stories and other creative writing pieces. Students can add text and pictures to make their story come to life!

Nearpod and Pear Deck

These two programs allow teachers to create interactive lessons that give students the opportunity to engage in various activities and assessments.


Kahoot! is a game-based learning and trivia platform. Teachers are able to assess students understanding on certain topics by creating quizzes related to class content. Students can then play as a class by entering the game code on their app or device.


Students are able to connect with children their age by pairing them with a pen pal. Students are able to be paired with and safely communicate with children from all around the world. ePals creates bonds between students and also allows them to collaborate on assignments.


Podcasts provide information and tell stories in a fun and entertaining way, such as:

  • Little Stories for Tiny People
  • But Why
  • Short and Curly
  • The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
  • Tumble

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